• 1 hora
  • 200
  • 350
  • 2 horas
  • 400
  • 500
  • pernoite
  • não
  • não
  • Idade – 25
  • Altura – 170
  • Peso – 55
Flying visit to Madrid and came across Rain’s profile. She’s literally just arrived in Spain from China and is keen for business. Rain is quite a tall girl, I reckon 5’ 7” or thereabouts, late twenties/early thirties. She has a cracking figure, speaks good English and as mentioned is keen for business so both charming and seductive. Only downside which nearly put me off is she is based all the way out in Móstoles. Based on that I nearly didn’t go, but I fancied a bit of Asian and gave in to temptation. So glad I did, she is quality. Called her on her WhatsApp number and she gave me the address. Grabbed a cab and headed out, figured that if she was half as good as her pictures promised at 100 Euros an hour the taxi was worth it. Rang the doorbell and waited for her to answer, ready to walk if necessary. Well she is the girl in the photos, better I thought and really charming as well. She was dressed in a tight little top and black leggings which left little to the imagination. She fluttered her eyelashes at me and at the same time reached out to shake my hand, which made me smile. “Hello”, she said, “My name is Rain”. Followed her into the house and into a small room, nothing special but fit for purpose. Handed over the money, which she quickly stashed and came together in a passionate embrace. She was not shy, clearly has some experience and began to undress me straight away, quickly dropping down to her knees and taking me deep in her mouth. It was all I could do not to come there and then. I stopped her, pulled her up and started to undress her as she continued to stroke my little man. Over the next hour we indulged ourselves to the full. Oral and rimming both ways, followed by missionary, doggy, scissors, standing and even over the chest of drawers. She even called me a cab and waited with me until it came. Left with a big smile on my face and will definitely return.

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  • 1 hora 250
  • 2 horas no
  • pernoite no
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  • 2 horas no
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